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DelhiPoetree supported books of poetry are readable, beautifully produced and make very attractive gifts.

DelhiPoetree's third measurable objective in its Mission is to enable 100 poets to earn a taxable income by the year 2015.

An exceptional publishing programme is the first step towards making it happen and DelhiPoetree's published poets stand to earn the highest percentage on the prize of a book of any publishing programme worldwide based on a unique promotion and marketing model.

Poetry is an antidote to Road Rage and many of the behavioral problems of a big city that threaten your good living feeling.

Listening to a live poetry reading is different from any other art form because the experience is most likely to influence, inspire and motivate the listener to take up the art and craft of poetry with relative ease.

DelhiPoetree seeks to restore poetry to the community where it belongs by hosting poetry readings, where people can hear contemporary poets writing in a language that is simple and easy to understand, meet the poets to exchange views and if they like the poet, the poetry and the reading, buy the published poets writings directly from DelhiPoetree or the poets.

DelhiPoetree has successfully facilitated the production of the following titles that are available to the great pleasure and immense benefit of the poet.