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The Ladakh disaster was a disaster of three terrible experiences Cloud burst, Flash Flood and Mudslide that buried people, homes and entire villages. The disaster isn’t over, for the survivors now face a freezing winter with little or no protection. Before the icy Himalayan winters attack the hapless it becomes critical that you and I work together to send as much woolen protection to our people as soon as possible. Blankets clothing even socks and shoes are the need of the hour.

The Ladakhis are a tough gracious and gentle people who will never ever beg for help. They are heroic enough to resist the aggression of two hostile neighboring countries and have fiercely resisted them every time. Now is the hour to deliver a simple message to our brave brethren “You are not alone”.

This is an appeal from The DelhiPoetree working out of the AidCamp4Ladakh at the Vivekananda International Foundation (Basement) located at 3 San Martin Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, New Delhi India. We are requesting your support to collect and transport the following materials for Ladakh. DelhiPoetree is a project of the duly registered India Poetry Foundation. DelhiPoetree is India’s single most successful poetry movement designed to promote proactive citizenship through the revival of poetry in the community. It has three measurable objectives.
Insulation from the Cold
Woolen Blankets
Woolen Clothing
Woolen Socks and Gloves
Sturdy Footwear